Personal Assistant Services

Need a personal assistant? Contact QAS today!

Need a Virtual Personal Assistant? Why not hire us? For as low as $10 per hour, we will do what you need from promoting to organizing spreadsheets and other tasks that we can do from home that you don’t have time to do as the author. We want you to focus on writing your books and getting them published. We will take care of the rest! The minimum number of hours you can hire us for is 1 and any unused hours may be carried over into the next month.

*Please note, that logo, web design, ghostwriting and book cover design are NOT part of the VPA package and MUST be purchased separately.

To purchase our PVA services, email Roxanne at with the subject line with “I want you as a Virtual Assistant!”


Virtual Assistant Services
Virtual Assistant Services
Roxanne is happy to help you with what you need! She understands that writing is important and so is promoting. Why not let her take that off your hands among other things? She has an AAS degree in Office Technology and is proficient in:

Microsoft Word






Google Drive

and so much more!

She is happy to assist other business owners who are non-authors or not in the publishing industry.

Price: $10.00