Welcome to the services page for Quillity Author Services. We strive to bring you the best when it comes to promotion and our work. We know how difficult it is in the publishing world, and the staff will do all that we can to make your life easier. While the vast majority of our products are for those in publishing, we are happy to assist other small businesses if we think it’s appropriate.

Please click Learn More next to each product to learn more about our services. To book a service, please click the Book Us option on the Book Us page. Once booked, we will add you to our calendar!

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While these are some general guidelines, please note that custom packages can be created to better suit your needs. I created these based on what I see on sites such as Upwork.com and other freelance sites.

*Please note, that unless otherwise requested, I do NOT do ghostwriting. The only exception is if you are already a client and are pressed for time. Just note, that IF I do accept a writing assignment from you, the turn around time will be SLOW. This is due to my busy schedule, and I like to make sure to take my time to do the project right the first time. Thank you for understanding.




Administrative Packages

Roxanne has an Associates Degree in Office Technology, and worked for 15+ years as a receptionist and an office assistant. She would be happy to perform the tasks on the next page. Please feel free to ask her any questions. If you need a service you don’t see on the next page that you need, do not hesitate to ask Roxy. If she feels she can do it, she absolutely will!

Book Cover Packages

Do you need a book cover? Stacy J. Garrett has a bachelor’s degree in graphics design and is studying for her Master’s. She ONLY does custom covers, and doesn’t believe in making pre-made ones. Please click on the button below to learn more about Stacy’s services and her fees.

Book Review services

You are not paying for the review itself. You are paying for the work that goes into securing a book review. Please read on for more information.

Book Formatting Packages

Need your book formatted but don’t know how to do it? Let Roxanne do it for you! She understands that it can be difficult to find a publisher, and wants to help you be the best author you can.

Editing Packages

We outsource our editing to two different people: Jessica Williams from Blue Ink Mountain Editing, and Cu from Wolf Paw Press. Both ladies are excellent and Roxanne has used them both herself for her own books. Both women have caught errors that former editors have missed in her books.

E-Mail Marketing Packages

This service is NOT just for authors. Any business owner who needs a newsletter can hire us. Roxanne will help with setting up your list and more! View the package for more details!

Guest Post package

I am happy to set up guest posts for you on other blogs. You and I will work together. What you are paying for is the time spent e-mailing other bloggers and securing spots, as well as any correspondence between you and me. View more for more info.

Logo Design Packages

In addition, to cover design, Stacy also does our Logo design. Look inside for our packaged deals 🙂

Social Media Promotion Packages

Social media is key when promoting any product or book is essential. Roxanne has learned tips and tricks over the years and follows Social Media trends. Why not hire her to promote your products with enthusiasm and creativity? View her packages for more details.

Teaser Image Packages

Teaser graphics are a great way to promote a product or book. This service can also be done for other businesses, but we specialize is book teasers. Please look inside for our package offers.


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