At Quality Author Services we offer a wide range of services for authors. Below is a list of what we offer.

Social Media Promotion: Need to get the word out about your book, but don’t have the time? Let the team at Quillity Author Services help you out. Roxanne is on networks like Facebook (she has at least fanpages she can share to), twitter (she has 2 accounts to share to), instagram, pinterest, tumblr and is looking into other networks. She is also on Goodreads. For prices, please see our packages page for details. Below is a list of tours that we organize and what they intail:

Newsletter Management: One of the most important things about being an author, is having a newsletter. This is a list where you can send information about your books to the people on it. Don’t have a list just yet? I highly recommend using Mailchimp. It offers a wide range of options, and integrates nicely with Facebook, Twitter, and wordpress. Don’t have the time or knowledge to set up a newsletter? You provide the content and let Roxanne set it up for you! For pricing and a sample newsletter and eblast, please see the packages page.

Blog Tours: Roxanne is a pro when it comes to organizing blog hops and blog tours. She has organized both for herself and her publishers. Now she wants to do the same for other authors and publishers. We have many Blog Tour packages which can be found on the packages page along with pricing.

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Book Formatting: While we are new to book formatting, Roxanne has years of experience with formatting for Smashwords, and is learning how to format for Kindle and Nook books. For prices on book formatting, please visit the pricing page for complete details.

Directories: We have directories for just about everything in the publishing world. So, who can join them? Publishers, authors, bloggers, editors, cover and graphic designers, publicists, agents etc. basically anyone who wants to have a page on our site to promote their work. There is a fee for this service, as you will be using our storage space, so please check our pricing page for that.

Logo Design: Stacy J. Garrett has agreed to design logos for authors. Please note that the prices may vary depending on the complexity of her work, but rest assured, she is incredibly talented. The price includes the cost of the image/images, fonts purchased and the license to use the logo on any of your promotional items. Please see our pricing page for more details.

Web Design: Roxanne loves designing websites using WordPress and Blogger. She is slowly getting the hang of Tumblr and Weebly, and would LOVE to design your website. She designed all of the Quillity websites, along with her parish website and all of her own using WordPress. Please see the pricing page for more details.