Welcome to the services page for Quillity Author Services. We strive to bring you the best when it comes to promotion and our work. We know how difficult it is in the publishing world, and the staff will do all that we can to make your life easier. While the vast majority of our products are for those in publishing, we are happy to assist other small businesses if we think it’s appropriate.

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While these are some general guidelines, please note that custom packages can be created to better suit your needs. I created these based on what I see on sites such as Upwork.com and other freelance sites.

*Please note, that unless otherwise requested, I do NOT do ghostwriting. The only exception is if you are already a client and are pressed for time. Just note, that IF I do accept a writing assignment from you, the turn around time will be SLOW. This is due to my busy schedule, and I like to make sure to take my time to do the project right the first time. Thank you for understanding.

Web design and set up packages

This package includes the set up of one website. You MUST have a domain and hosting package in order for me to work on your website. If you don’t, I do have a reseller site that you can order your hosting from (though you are not required to do so). This package includes the set up of a WordPress site (I prefer WordPress to any other platform as it has more design options), the purchase of a premium theme, a premium plugin, and website maintenance. There are three levels of this package and they are as follows:

Tier 1:

This includes a year’s worth of maintenance ($20 a month), a premium theme up to $70, and a premium plugin up to $30.

Price: $340 BEFORE taxes are applied. Paypal charges a fee and I believe it varies by state and country, so please factor that into your budget when purchasing this option.

Tier 2:

This includes all options from Tier 1, but this is for those who already have a domain name, but have NOT selected a hosting package. Kozlowski Hosting has a wide selection from Cloud Hosting to Dedicated servers with 99% up time.

Price: Starts at $375 (this does not include tax). Price will increase depending on the hosting package you select.

Tier 3:

This includes all options from Tier 1 and Tier 2, but this includes the option to purchase a domain along with the hosting. Think of a domain like a home for your website. You can’t have a home without a domain or hosting.

Price: Starts at $400 depending on the type of domain you select and the type of hosting. This price is likely to increase depending on your web hosting needs!


You may, of course, choose your own host or go somewhere else to purchase your domain. However, I do believe that I have one of the cheaper hosting companies out there verses Bluehost or Host Gator. You can either purchase the hosting package yourself by going here or I can purchase it for you.


Social Media Packages:


Prices start at $10 per hour, with a minimum of 2 hours purchased. This includes creating graphics for the posts, researching appropriate hashtags, and coming up with clever posts to schedule on your behalf. We can customize this package to fit your needs. Please note, there WILL be a tax factored in at the end but it varies by state and country.


Guest Post Packages


Prices for this also start at $10 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours. This includes me researching bloggers to email about your book or business and securing guest posts on their sites. Since blog tours appear to be dead, this is the next best thing for promoting. If you are wanting this package, I have a form you will need to fill out before any work can begin.