Why Mailchimp is better than AWeber

I used Mailchimp to send out a Notice of Condolence two weeks ago from my parishes newsletter list. When I went to send the Notice of Condolence for my aunt (may she rest in peace), I had a panic attack. There were 45 bounced emails! That meant that out of a list of 173 subscribers, 45 of those people did not receive the email. Now, since then I have discovered that of those 45 bounced emails, 23 of them were out dated email addresses, which made me feel slightly better. However, we have received complaints in the past that some people were not receiving the other eblasts either. So, I began to search for a reliable program. I did some research, and found AWeber.

In this blog post, I will review both programs and let you decide which is right for you.


Price: Mailchimp is free for the first 2,000 subscribers.

What you get: For the Forever Free plan you get up to 2,000 subscribers, and can send up to 12,000 emails a month. That’s a solid deal. If you upgrade to $10 a month (which is also not a bad deal), you get extra bonuses such as better support options, automation, delivery by time zone and more.

The pros: I really enjoy using Mailchimp. It’s easy to use, and no html is required. You can now integrate Facebook Ads into your eblasts, and it lets you to auto post your campaigns to Facebook or Twitter. You can also add videos into your eblasts! The drag and drop feature is easy to use, and they let you import your own templates. While I have some delivery issues, it seems to have a hire success rate than AWeber.

The cons: Some emails seem to get lost in cyberspace if you have AOL subscribers. However, they suggest that you verify your domain to improve deliverability. I have also been on the phone with Bluehost tech support, and the person I spoke to mentioned that AOL servers did not like them, so that could be the issue. (I personally can’t believe that people are STILL using AOL.)


Price: Aweber begins at $19 per month and is twice as expensive as Mailchimp.

What you get: AWeber offers a free 30 day trial. You will need a credit card to open the account. After the 30 days are up, you have the option to pay month to month, quarterly or yearly. For $19 a month, you get up to 500 subscribers and unlimited emails. If you have a small list, this is reasonable. But if you have more than 500 subscribers, than the next tier is $29 a month.

The pros: the user interface is pretty easy to use, though there is a learning curve. You can import your list from Mailchimp easily enough. It has a drag and drop feature much like Mailchimp.

The cons: AWeber takes some getting used to, especially if you are used to the easy interface that Mailchimp has. Unlike its competitor, you can’t integrate easily with Facebook ads (at least not that I’ve seen.). They appear to have worse deliverability then Mailchimp. I will post comparison reports below.

The final verdict:

While both programs are decent, in my opinion Mailchimp is better. It is easier to use, there are better features and templates to choose from. While you can only email their tech support, they have a plethora of information in their help database. AWeber support gets back to you quickly as does Mailchimp. However, take a look at the images below for deliverability comparison numbers. The first image is from Mailchimp with the last 3 emails I sent out. The second is from Aweber. I have only sent one email from them, and had a very poor success rate. Only 53 opens vs Mailchimp.

Let these numbers decide for you who the better email marketing program is!


Mailchimp stats


So tell me, who DO YOU prefer to use? Have you used either program? Have you used a different one? Tell me about your e-mail marketing experiences in the comments. I LOVE hearing from people!


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