The packages listed on the services page are just a glimpse at some of the talents found here at Quillity Author Services. To help you better, why not book a 30-45 minute FREE Discovery Call with Roxanne? She will gladly help you figure out what you need (and maybe even help you discover that there was something else that you hadn’t thought of but needed!)

While the call should only take 30-45 minutes, make sure to leave an hour just in case we find that we have more to discuss than originally thought.

BEFORE we can speak, however, I need you to fill out the form below to help me better understand what it is you need me to do. This will help me (Roxanne), determine what questions to ask YOU during the phone call.

Once you fill out the form, I will then get in touch with you with a few dates and times that are available. I’ll put them on my calendar, and send you two reminders before the meeting begins. If something comes up that you have to re-schedule, I ask that you give me AT LEAST an hours notice so that we can re-schedule. I get it, sometimes things happen that prevent us from using our phones when we need to. It’s a thing called life.

Now, if I haven’t scared you away, which I am assuming I haven’t if you’ve made it this far, kindly fill out the form so that I can get in touch with you!



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