Demon Anarchy

Spotlight Saturday with Ashley Scott

“Did he…save me? Inconceivable, the idea of a demon saving an agent. Like a lion saving an antelope, it simply wasn’t done.” -Demon Anarchy

I am thrilled to showcase my first client, author Ashley L. Scott. I hope you will enjoy reading her post as much as I did! I also hope that you will consider purchasing her first book, Demon Anarchy!


To become an author I struggled, as much as others would, with finishing the very first novel with long late nights typing and trying to be productive during the ‘extra’ time you think you have in a day. I mean ‘extra’ by maybe equaling out to one to two hours a day if I’m lucky. I started writing my first novel Demon Anarchy, titled Methodical Agents when I originally hand wrote it, in high school. I woke up one day at my dad’s camp about the idea of agents hunting demons and I started to write until my hand cramped daily until my junior/senior year I actually finished a story. My first finished handwritten story. It wasn’t until a few years later did I try to type it, then retype it, then retype it ONE more time until I felt like it was good enough for my beta readers. Hence the birth of Demon Anarchy.

I got my ideas from what I’ve read, what music I listen to, and what movies I’ve watched on the paranormal subject. I like to twist plots and manipulate my characters in my mind before I write my stories. But recently ideas have been popping up in my mind at the speed of light and so I’ve been typing away on my laptop until my fingers cramp and/or I get a headache.

I believe if you put enough effort into it, you can really make a difference in the writing world. Don’t give up when someone reads your manuscript and send you negative feedback. Use that feedback to help transform your story into pure gold. Polish it, listen to your readers, only then will you become a successful writer.

To learn a little more about me, my pen name is Ashley Lily Scott and I’m from the lovely lobster state of Maine where you can feel the coastal breeze brush your cheek. You can hear the waves crashing against the sandy shore and the cry of seagulls overhead. And…where monstrous blizzards challenge your sanity of why you chose to live in this state. But then spring comes around the corner then summer with its comfortable temperatures, a reward for surviving the cold dark winters. A place I call home with my husband and dog. I’d love to hear from you! You can follow me on several social media links and contact me through email, I don’t shy away from friendly banter.

Demon Anarchy

Author Bio

Ashley ScottA resident of Maine, Ashley Lily Scott published her first book titled Demon Anarchy, in the fall of 2016. Planning to dabble into different genres in the near future, she hopes to reach readers far and wide.
Her obsession with writing began in middle school with her daily diaries until high school when she wrote many stories and forced her friends to read them.

When she’s not busy writing or working full time she’ll spend time with her dog and loving husband.

You can follow her on on many different social medias such as facebook and twitter.

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